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Kimbalagala - Marie Davidson Remix
 Swordman Kitala, Tom Blip, Marie Davidson
French-Canadian producer Marie Davidson turns up the heat on Swordman Kitala and Tom Blip's groove-based UK Funky track, Kimbalagala. 04:24
Kimbalagala (pq rewonk)8 Versions
 Tom Blip, Swordman Kitala, PQ
 Kimbalagala EP
PQ's rewonk of Kimbalagala is an experiemental and glitchy take on the tune, featuring percussive and quirky use of the lead vocal. 04:47
Malanga Ja6 Versions
 Tom Blip, Swordman Kitala, K-Lone
 Kimbalagala EP
A house-inspired, driving beat sets the scene before Swordman's super catchy vocal performance steals the show. 04:07
Kimbalagala6 Versions
 Tom Blip, Swordman Kitala
 Kimbalagala EP
Swordman Kitala's unique vocal fits playfully over Blip's snappy and rhythmical production for a perfectly catchy concoction. 03:52
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