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Mi Pacion Arde4 Versions
 Lee Baker
 Latin Excursions
Uptempo Batucada percussion launching into celebratory piano and joyous male vocals withhand claps 02:48
Samba Shakedown3 Versions
 Lee Baker
 Latin Excursions
Heavy driving percussion and celebratory brass section 02:08
Gran Cancion3 Versions
 Lee Baker
 Latin Excursions
Cheeky Latin sound with quirky organ and positive brass section 02:59
Strength Together5 Versions
 Lee Baker
 Russia - Traditional Vs Contemporary
Strong Russian male choir and traditional instrumentation building up with hip hop beats alongside uplifting melodies and epic orchestration. 03:09
Gasoline8 Versions
 Lee Baker
 Modern Electronic Soul
Opening with minimal synth ostinato and male vocals this builds to a brazen chorus with added extra synth lines. 03:33
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