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Track Description Length
Submerged4 Versions
 Keir Fraser
 Forensic Search 1
Slow, floating opening to dreamy relaxed trip hop mood at 0.52. 02:13
Leisure Time4 Versions
 Keir Fraser
 In The Background: Daytime
Warm, relaxed and dreamy acoustic guitar patterns. 03:07
Holy Water4 Versions
 Keir Fraser
 In The Background: Drama
Gentle bells, slowly developing with low mystic chants and percussion. 02:51
Dark Intent4 Versions
 Keir Fraser
 In The Background: Future Tech 1
Tense pursuit with dramatic synths, pulses and percussion. 01:51
Sometime Vibe4 Versions
 James Braddell, Keir Fraser
 In The Foyer
Smokey, cool jazz groove with an air of confidence. 01:54
Slinky Pink4 Versions
 Keir Fraser
 In The Foyer
Slow suspended opening with flute and bass to jazzy, percussive beats with slinky featured flute. 03:04
Lost in Space4 Versions
 Keir Fraser
 In The Foyer
Static, mysterious and nebulous atmosphere with gentle percussion. 01:28
Life's Mirror4 Versions
 Keir Fraser
 world Not As You Know It
Lonely, edgy atmosphere featuring electric guitar and percussion. 03:12
Mandarin Dream4 Versions
 Keir Fraser
 world Not As You Know It
Sparse, dreamy atmosphere with Asian influenced percussion. 02:42
Migration4 Versions
 Keir Fraser
 Travelling Light: Outbound
Imposing panorama, featuring percussion and female vocal chants. 02:15
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