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Stars Out
 Maxim presents City Beats
Trap beats pulse beneath an ethereal cloak of twinkling synths, evoking a sense of beauty and wonder. 02:48
Blame You
 Exmoor Emperor, Isla Wolfe
 Breakup Pop
An atmospheric, but groovy pop piece expressing heartache and regret at lost love. A sincere vocal performance highlights the beauty found within the cracks of a broken heart. 03:50
 A.D Myson
 Dark Convulsions 2
Industrial rhythms groans and whirr against a cacophony of distorted synths, transporting you to a post-apocalyptic soundscape of twisted beauty. 02:28
To See You Grieve
 Reflective Dreamscapes
Sparse, brooding piano melodies set a melancholic tone, casting a shadowy atmosphere of melancholic introspection and haunting beauty. Gentle, textural layers hover beneath. 04:30
To See You Smile
 Reflective Dreamscapes
Ethereal pianos drenched in reverb weave a tapestry of nostalgic reflection, enveloping listeners in a dreamscape of ethereal beauty and introspection. 03:09
Into The Forest
 Peter Hall
 Ambient Piano 2
The simple beauty of a solo piano is accentuated by spacious reverb, giving the arpeggios and uncomplicated melodies a dreamy feel. 02:49
A Continent By Foot
 Thomas Bellingham
 Cinematic Folk
A nostalgic blend of plucked strings and guitars return to a scene of beauty with a dark secret. 02:36
Nature Reclaims
 Thomas Bellingham
 Cinematic Folk
Guitars and banjos search forgotten scenes of dark beauty. 02:36
Beauty On Bourbon Street
 The Infinity Orchestra, Stefano Costantini
 Trumpet Virtuoso
A vintage sounding Dixieland quartet with a trumpet lead accompanied by lively guitar, trombone and tuba. The hot style of the dance parties of the 1920s is reflected in vintage mastering. 00:52
La La La
 Acoustic Songwriters
Carefree song about finding the beauty in life, radiating with catchy female vocals gently driving with acoustic guitar and light percussion. Uplifting, airy and sparkling. 02:47
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