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Snap Happy8 Versions
 98th Street
 Body and Soul
Driving funky pop with slap bass, quirky synths and cool low-pitched male vocal doo's. 02:09
Slap Happy8 Versions
 98th Street
 Body and Soul
Catchy guitar riffs and bright brass over upbeat, Driving pop beat. 02:39
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing11 Versions
 Christmas Covers
Unrecognisable remix of this classic carol in a UK Garage, Bassline style with male rapping over gritty beats 02:28
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen5 Versions
 George Beck
 Christmas Covers
Smokey jazz club renditions with walking bass and smooth rhodes voicings, kicking into gear with a double time swing feel and brassy hit. 02:39
William Tell Overture4 Versions
 Gioachino Rossini
 Classical Classics 1
Energetic orchestral rendition of Rossini's William Tell overture which gained notability as the Lone Ranger theme tune 03:51
The Sleeping Beauty - No7 Valse4 Versions
 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
 Classical Classics 2
Tchaikovsky�s lyrical waltz from his Sleeping Beauty ballet, performed by orchestra. 04:30
The Blue Danube3 Versions
 Johann Strauss II
 Classical Classics 2
Johan Strauss' classic Viennese symphonic waltz. 03:06
The Juggler6 Versions
 Indigo Trees
 Daytime Delights
Wacky and slapstick antics for guitar and drums featuring mandolin. 01:57
The Toys Come Alive at Night3 Versions
 Peter Michael Davison
 Felt Piano 1
Mischievous and animated track, with a sense of childlike adventure. 01:51
Slinky Pink4 Versions
 Keir Fraser
 In The Foyer
Slow suspended opening with flute and bass to jazzy, percussive beats with slinky featured flute. 03:04
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