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Magic Tigers Trapped In Hollywood Time Machine2 Versions
 Amon Tobin Productions
 Amon Tobin Productions presents Short Scores
Eccentric and quirky dream like melodies with pitch-bending violin, sad tainted strings, enchanting glock and intermittent percussive hits. 03:51
Grief4 Versions
 DuoSync Music
 Felt Piano 2
A sad but hopeful track, lead by a sedate felt piano playing sparse, aching melodies, accompanied by deep, distant strings. 02:38
Sorrow3 Versions
 Matthew Nicholson
 Tranquil Themes
Sad, lonely piano slowly builds to include warm tentative strings. 02:58
Samara Sadness4 Versions
 Martin Gratton
 Russia - Traditional Vs Contemporary
Sad and reflective mood with gentle strings and downtempo traditional Russian sounding instruments. 02:06
Elegy Kuedo
 A Thousand Violins
Desolate atmosphere with slow, poignant strings. 01:33
Contemplation3 Versions
 Matthew Nicholson
 Ambient Grandeur
Forlorn piano and strings build with ambient synth washes. 03:02
Slow Glide3 Versions
 Matthew Nicholson
 Ambient Grandeur
Emotive, simple synth pattern with minimal percussion. 02:24
Polaris3 Versions
 Matthew Nicholson
 Celestial Sphere
Captivating, static atmosphere with reflective piano and distant strings. 02:38
Velorum3 Versions
 Matthew Nicholson
 Celestial Sphere
Gentle, downbeat piano develops with synth bass and minimalist string melodies. 02:12
Droplets3 Versions
 Matthew Nicholson
 Celestial Sphere
Sombre piano textures with rain-like fx develops with strings, bringing a glimmer of hope towards conclusion. 01:52
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