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Track Description Length
Flow State4 Versions
 Peter Hall
 Atmospheric Upbeat Electronic 1
Quirky, lo-fi house track with woodwind sample and a funky acoustic bassline. 04:02
Deck The Halls3 Versions
 George Beck
 Very Merry Christmas
Exciting and energetic traditional piece with buiding brass sections and magical woodwind melodies 01:52
Great Gates of Kiev3 Versions
 Modeste Moussorgsky
 Classical Classics 2
Victorious brass anthem by Modeste Moussorgsky with added Drums. 02:20
Nutcracker Suite - Russian Dance (Trepak)5 Versions
 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
 Classical Classics 2
A lively orchestral rendition of Tchaikovsky�s energetic and excitable piece from the Nutcracker ballet. 01:06
The Devious Poisoner4 Versions
 Alex Tesla
 Fantastical Tales
Quaint English style orchestral backing, intriguing, stealthy and playful. 01:00
Criminal Intent3 Versions
 Garry Judd
 Forensic Search 1
Dark, tense brass and woodwind with gentle percussion and synth, creating an ominous, anxious atmosphere. 02:12
Cyber Crime3 Versions
 Garry Judd
 Forensic Search 1
Tense bass and strings with hi tech synth effects. 02:08
Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy3 Versions
 George Beck
 Very Merry Christmas
Pizzicato strings opens with curious, captivating melody with oboe and soft string backing; tempo slows to end. 02:04
We Three Kings3 Versions
 George Beck
 Very Merry Christmas
Twinkling atmospheric opening building to epic orchestral crescendo lead by brass and percussion. 03:11
Call Of The Wild5 Versions
 Qemists Scores
 Trailers: Drums of Thunder
Low, sombre string drone opening and transitioning with commanding drums and ominous, contrasting synths. 02:36
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