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What I Know About Love3 Versions
 Angus Pendergast
 Lonesome Piano
Intriguing, repeating, old-time piano motif with a twinkling, improvised feel. 02:25
Win Or Lusail8 Versions
 Clerkenwell Sound System
 Qatar Soundwaves
A sauntering, mid-tempo hip hop track, heavily featuring Arabic instrumentation and a laid back, but focussed feel. 02:04
Call To Action7 Versions
 Yip Wong
 Qatar Soundwaves
An alluring vocal sample drops straight into a bouncy and upbeat trap rhythm and doesn't let up. 02:19
The Heat Is On8 Versions
 Clerkenwell Sound System
 Qatar Soundwaves
Intriguing melodies playful flutter on top of a thumping beat infused with Arabic percussion such as Darbuka. 02:01
Back To Bedouin6 Versions
 Qemists Scores
 Qatar Soundwaves
A thrilling mix of drama achieved through pounding electronic elements combined with the playful melodies of Arabian instrumentation. 03:07
Mirror Image5 Versions
 Louise Spencer
 Neo-Classical Soundscapes
Restless classical electronic crossover suited to dramatic visuals. Effervescent synths emerge throughout the track alongside inventive tolling piano tones at 1:00 and moments of flourishing harp melodies. 02:24
Underwater5 Versions
 Dokkodo Sounds
 Neo-Classical Soundscapes
Ambient electronic lo-fi track, carrying steel drum and zither melodies across relaxing layers of drones and buzzing, hazy synths. Well suited to cool, cinematic visuals. 03:57
Just Maybe5 Versions
 George Wilson
 Neo-Classical Soundscapes
This radiant instrumental traverses atmospheric strings and light piano tones above a fixed plucking ostinato. A floating woodwind theme takes focus at 0:48 and a brighter piano line brings the track to its hopeful conclusion. 01:41
Memories On Tape5 Versions
 Jonny Martyr
 Neo-Classical Soundscapes
Multidimensional piece capturing melancholic fractures of nostalgia and reflection. A gentle, familiar piano melody evolves and distorts before dissolving into warped pulsing electronics from 1:17. 02:19
Lost Piano5 Versions
 Neo-Classical Soundscapes
A relaxing yet powerful soundscape, opening with washy organic ambience across warped keys and synths, developing at 1:10 with a nostalgic celeste lullaby and the sound of a ticking clock. 03:34
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