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Silent Success3 Versions
 Adrien Dark
 Boardroom Drama
Moody and mysterious electronic piece with a dramatic vocal line and orchestral elements. 03:15
Kingmaker3 Versions
 Stefano Ruggeri
 Boardroom Drama
Staccato strings lead with a sense of urgency and are underpinned by a menacing beat. 02:01
Play The Game - Coldcut Remix Qemists Scores, Isla Moony, Coldcut
Bubbling with percussive energy and featuring a playful vocal, Play The Game is re-imagined by Ninja Tune founders, Coldcut. 02:37
Brass Skank - DJ Food Remix Jim Hustwit, DJ Food
DJ Food's wonky style of electronica is a perfect match for this buoyant brass belter with an offbeat feel. 03:00
Dust Til Dawn - Kid Koala Remix I Am The North, Kid Koala
A rambling track with a haunting slide guitar is given a wonky, contemporary twist by Kid Koala's distinctive style. 03:14
Acrylic - Daedelus Remix Tropics, Daedelus
A trippy and unpreditable dream of a remix by exceptionally unique producer, Daedelus. 03:10
Take It Or Leave It - DJ Kentaro, DJ Ride Remix Terence Richard, Miles Lianson, DJ Kentaro, DJ Ride
Legendary turntablists DJ Kentaro and DJ Ride bring bags of energy to this four to the floor rock song. 05:21
Giants - The Qemists Remix All Good Folks, The Qemists
A distinctive blend of Drum n Bass and heavy rock elements in this mammoth remix by The Qemists. 04:46
Rise - Working Men’s Club Remix Chaz Thorogood, Working Men’s Club
A mesmorising take on Chaz Thorogood's powerful and melancholic instrumental journey, by British band Working Men's Club. 03:36
Kimbalagala - Marie Davidson Remix Swordman Kitala, Tom Blip, Marie Davidson
French-Canadian producer Marie Davidson turns up the heat on Swordman Kitala and Tom Blip's groove-based UK Funky track, Kimbalagala. 04:24
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