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Gateway For Clouds3 Versions
 Fabian Acuna
 String-led Emotional Classical
Cascading minimal strings move upward towards full and rich melodies. The strings breath life, bring a sense of a relaxation and calm. Carthatic yet unresolved. 02:00
Sky Ascension4 Versions
 Mr Kapow
 Anthemic Euphoric Electronic
Angelic pop athem with a carthatic build up, amazing release with compelling choirs and intricit string passages 02:09
Determination4 Versions
 Mr Kapow
 Anthemic Euphoric Electronic
Heartfelt, powerful moving track with soaring string lines, epic choir, percussion and a huge build through the piece for a catharticfinale. 01:30
Character Jump4 Versions
 Mr Kapow
 Whimsical Electronic
Curiousity and excited with a bouncy, playful feel, featuring bubbly melodies from piano and synthy sounds. 02:28
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