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Feeling Fine6 Versions
 William Burnett
 Daytime Delights
Lighthearted melodica and whistling with upbeat percussion and acoustic guitar. 02:36
Summer's Gonna Come6 Versions
 William Burnett
 Daytime Delights
Happy whistling melody with acoustic guitar. Features repeated 'Summer's Gonna Come' male vocal refrain. 01:57
Seize The Day10 Versions
 William Burnett
 Daytime Delights
Breezy human whistling and acoustic guitar building topositive finale. 02:47
Whistle And Stroll6 Versions
 William Burnett
 Daytime Delights
Reflective acoustic guitar and whistling ditty joined by gentle female vocal. 02:05
Lover Lover7 Versions
 William Burnett
 Strum n' Sing
Dynamic male vocal, occasionally harmonised, with uptempo folky drums and uplifting acoustic guitar. 02:56
Quirky And Quickly6 Versions
 William Burnett
Happy, wacky and rhythmic, light percussion with chirpy ukulele, bright glockenspiel and cheerful whistling melodies. 01:49
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