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Regency (Phonat Remix)3 Versions
 Sam Lung x Phonat
 Epic Symphonic Beats
A remix by legendary electronic producer Phonat, this track takes all the might of a cinematic symphony orchestra and blows it up tenfold. The bombastic beats drive the blaring horns through to the drumming breakdown at 1:48 before building back up to a clamorous ending. Ideal for attention-grabbing brands and modern epics. Also available as a non-electronic original symphonic mix featuring taiko drums and live trumpets. 03:16
On Air4 Versions
 Upbeat Happy Pop
House piano and euphoric synth stabs build with vocal stabs to a catchy, feel good beat. 02:22
884 Versions
 80's Synth Pop 2 - Instrumental
Retro 80's sound with vintage synth melodies and a positive driving disco beat. 02:40
Dusk4 Versions
 Modern Minimalist 3
Ambient bells and gentle synth use an eerie chord progression in this quirky, downtempo track. 02:32
Squelch Wellies4 Versions
 Techno 1
A confident and pulsing electronic track with drum machine and synths. 03:04
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