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Transcend5 Versions
 Christopher Hall
 Fantastical Tales
Delicate, twinkling atmosphere with bright piano arpeggios developing with soaring strings and breathy female 'ahhs'. 02:22
Mysterious6 Versions
 Christopher Hall
 In The Background: Drama
Sombre, reflective atmosphere with underlying rhythm builds subtly featuring soft female vocals toward end. 03:01
Direct Route3 Versions
 Christopher Hall
 Our World In Widescreen
A bright orchestral build with breathy male vocal chants. 02:51
Beyond The Door Christopher Hall
Tense, minimal atmospheric drone with sustained, eerie strings. 02:13
Symphony No.5 (Club Remix)5 Versions
 Not So Classical Classics
Assertive and cool dance mix of this celebrated Beethoven track, bringing it in to the 21st century, Bill and Ted style. 03:30
Here and Now6 Versions
 Inspirational Polyrhythms
Relentless drumbeat with electric guitar line, piano and optimistic chord progression. 04:45
Solar Strut4 Versions
 Modern Electronic Funk
Uplifting jazz piano chords, boosted by a funky bassline riff and splashy four to the floor drums. 04:46
Yeah6 Versions
 Positive Party 1
Colourful piano chords andhand claps propelled by dynamic breakbeat drums and euphoric vocal samples. 03:26
Let Go14 Versions
 Positive Party 2
A smokey and slightly laid back track. Includes a driving beat, catchy vocal samples, and a lush string hook to finish. 05:22
Ubuntu6 Versions
 World Pop
Upbeat and infectious groove featuring a mix of percussive elements and a vocal sample, all with a contemporary electronic flavour. 02:37
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