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Where My Girls At8 Versions
 Frederick Prest
 Female Swagger
With psychedelic sitar samples, industrial synth sounds over a hip-hop bounce beat, this is a dynamic blend. 02:52
Scaling Trees4 Versions
 Freddie Prest
 Driving Sci-Fi Tech
An anthemic and uplifting electronic track with atmospheric elements. 03:30
Bungle In The Jungle4 Versions
 Freddie Prest
 It's A Trap 2
Dark and moody track, with vocal samples, synth brass and eerie synth melody line. 03:07
What You Want4 Versions
 Freddie Prest
 It's A Trap 2
Dark and moody feel, with atmospheric bass, sparse drums and warped vocal samples. 03:22
Party On The Beach4 Versions
 Freddie Prest
 Modern Electronic Soul
Summery track with funky drums, slap style bass, male falsetto chants and jazzy horn riffs. 02:48
Forest Fires4 Versions
 Freddie Prest
 Modern Electronic Soul
A swaggering dusty drum groove and a stomping bassline come together in this modern funk track, packed with wiggly synths textures and falsetto vocals. 03:01
Packing Up4 Versions
 Freddie Prest
 Modern Electronic Soul
With hooky basslines, brass riffs, falsetto vocals and esoteric synths and textures, this track has a soothing sonic bed that is chilled but uplifting. 03:11
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