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Sometime Vibe4 Versions
 James Braddell, Keir Fraser
 In The Foyer
Smokey, cool jazz groove with an air of confidence. 01:54
Shadowline4 Versions
 James Braddell, Keir Fraser
 Ninja Selects Jazzy Breaks Vol. 3
Tense and sinister groove. Is somebody following me? 02:02
Deep Freeze3 Versions
 9 Lazy 9
Chilled trip hop with sweeping synths, light echoed sax touches and strings. 04:03
Hints of Blue3 Versions
 9 Lazy 9
 In The Foyer
Cool, funky, mellow beat with distant organ chords and sexy saxophone melody. 04:52
Mind Bend3 Versions
 9 Lazy 9
 Proper Jazz
Steady jazz groove with soft and gentle trumpet flourishes. 04:18
Try Keeping Up3 Versions
 9 Lazy 9
 Proper Jazz
Speedy, intense modern jazz with duet from organ and trumpet. 03:32
Quirk Quartet3 Versions
 9 Lazy 9
Strange broken beat made up of several, short percussive and brass samples building to full, jazzy groove. 04:17
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