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Deep Freeze3 Versions
 9 Lazy 9
Chilled trip hop with sweeping synths, light echoed sax touches and strings. 04:03
Blue Skies4 Versions
 The Royal Organ Duo
 Proper Jazz
Sunny, lazy jazz with retro feel, progressive piano and cool Hammond Organ solo. 05:49
All Good Things6 Versions
 Joss Peach
 Bright and Positive Days
Featuring cheerful pizzicato violin and ukulele, this is an uplifting track with pretty glock melody and soaring, pastoral strings. 02:07
Circuit Broken Coldcut
 Coldcut presents Atmospheres
Slow, swelling bass synth with unusual synth-guitar overlay, pitch-bend, glitches and symbol crashes. 01:07
Little Beads Of Moisture6 Versions
 Gilbert Linley/Lettie Maclean
 Cool Indie Folk
Chilled and atmospheric, ethereal guitar washes with a trip-hop style drumbeat and wispy female vocals. 03:15
Nice Dream5 Versions
 Neon Lovers
 Female Ethereal Beats
Gentle piano chords and strings intertwine with a sweet vocal melody in this downtempo track. 03:06
Night Scape4 Versions
 Joss Peach
 Filmic Jazz and Strings
Relaxed, thoughtful track that opens with Rhodes, hang drum and double bass, building up with animated piano and light jazz drums. 02:34
That's Amazing2 Versions
 Machinedrum presents Source Material
Chilled groove with beautiful harmonies on piano, synth and later acoustic guitar, with female vocal aahs. 05:16
Midnight Drive2 Versions
 Machinedrum presents Source Material
Rhythmic and intoxicating synths and dreamy backing with guitar and light percussion. 03:42
Brassy Interludes4 Versions
 The Dirty 45
 Ninja Selects Jazzy Breaks Vol. 1
Relaxed, intricate percussion with intriguing melodies on bass, strings and brass. 02:49
La Valse Des Parapluie7 Versions
 Michel Lepop
 Pop Francaise
Circus themed groove with sombre, spooky feel, with accordion and glock. 02:08
La La8 Versions
 Hazel Sainsbury, Jeff Stephens
Chilled female 'la la' vocals with cool electric piano melodies and laid back groove. 02:34
Heartfelt Liam Morley, Ruth Ilgunas, John Michael - Hedley, Owain Davies, Matthew Baty
 Spokes presents Shoegaze Indie
Slowly building track with interlocking guitar and strings over murmuring drums with a rocking feel. 03:39
Time To Move On7 Versions
 Renny Jackson
 Strum n' Sing
Gentle ska rhythm with reflective male vocal, offbeat acoustic guitar and jazzy trumpet. 03:50
Sail Away4 Versions
 Travelling Light: Outbound
Gentle, enchanting atmosphere with melodic acoustic guitar and ukulele, with warm bass and light percussion. 03:14
Deck The Halls7 Versions
 Sophie Galpin
 Very Ninja Christmas
Melancholy, dreamy version of Deck the Halls for female vocal and electric guitar. 03:22
Hints of Blue3 Versions
 9 Lazy 9
 In The Foyer
Cool, funky, mellow beat with distant organ chords and sexy saxophone melody. 04:52
Quirk Quartet3 Versions
 9 Lazy 9
Strange broken beat made up of several, short percussive and brass samples building to full, jazzy groove. 04:17
Mind Bend3 Versions
 9 Lazy 9
 Proper Jazz
Steady jazz groove with soft and gentle trumpet flourishes. 04:18
Try Keeping Up3 Versions
 9 Lazy 9
 Proper Jazz
Speedy, intense modern jazz with duet from organ and trumpet. 03:32
Pounding Rhythm4 Versions
 Eskmo presents Dark & Moody Electronic
Strong, driving percussive beat with lazy percussive slaps and hypnotic synth melody and male vocals. 04:10
Silent Night8 Versions
 La Noir Magic
 Christmas Covers
Bright folky finger-picked guitar with gentle and rich male three-part harmony. 03:14
Consolation No33 Versions
 Franz Liszt
 Classical Classics 2
Reflective and gentle, a beautiful piano track by Liszt. 04:01
If You Could Catch Time6 Versions
 Hazel Sainsbury and Ian Kellett
 Cool Indie Folk
Dreamy love song with a waltzing, laid-back feel, spacey synths and stoic female vocals. 02:41
Under The Stars5 Versions
 Neon Lovers
 Female Ethereal Beats
Dreamy track with call & response vocals, synth bass, and plucked guitar notes alongside piano chords. 03:09
Who Cares Less4 Versions
 Andrew Potterton
 In The Background: Beats
Dark, tense urban atmosphere with dynamic 808 synth bass and mysterious, dreamy synth pad mid section. 03:06
Empress Tiger4 Versions
 Andrew Potterton
 In The Background: Beats
808 synth plays slow, intriguing melody over trip hop groove with subtle echoed synth pattern. 03:30
Funny Pill10 Versions
 Mickey Bruce
 Psych Rock
Riff-centred bluesy bass and organ with hypnotic drums and ethereal female vocals give this a smokey feel. 01:27
Colour And Sound7 Versions
 Lawrence Rudd, Matt Fisher, Matthew White
 Road Movie
Acoustic guitar and male vocal harmonies play sweet melody against gentle percussive folk beat. 03:15
Sixty Years7 Versions
 Renny Jackson
 Strum n' Sing
Retro, jazzy folk with warm, reflective male vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, trumpet and walking bass. 04:22
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