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Glory19 Versions
 Alex Golding
 Russia - Traditional Vs Contemporary
A rousing mix of beats and positive traditional Baltic folk sounds, with crowds cheering in the background to the epic sounding melody. 02:46
Chirpy Chap4 Versions
 Alex Golding
 Songs That Pop
Cheesy, retro, positive pop rock with Driving, fun groove. 03:27
Tumbleweed6 Versions
 Alex Golding
 Travelling Light: Inbound
Opening delicate, intricate acoustic guitar, turns more serious with introduction of cello drone to fade end. 02:27
Happy Hot Club14 Versions
 Alex Golding
 Travelling Light: Outbound
Fun, hot club style jazz for acoustic guitar, banjo and double bass with light vocals. 01:48
Copacabana Fiesta8 Versions
 Alex Golding
 Latin Excursions
Relaxing, acoustic guitar, with flute and brass section 02:40
Sky Fly10 Versions
 Alex Golding
 In The Background: Daytime 1
Delicate acoustic guitar and ukulele play warm and hopeful melody building with background strings. 01:38
Fairy Cakes16 Versions
 Alex Golding
 Fantastical Tales
Pizzicato strings with cute, mischievous melody which builds with light percussion and background banjo and accordion. 01:30
Lost In The Taste of You18 Versions
 Alex Golding
 Eclectic Selection
Electric guitar washes, rumbling drums and male vocals give this track a Psychedelic rock feel. 02:46
Introducing The Band
 Alex Golding
 Body and Soul
Cool confident and cocksure rock groove. 02:26
Roll The Dice8 Versions
 Alex Golding
Positive, bluesy groove with slide guitar. 02:23
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