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Out Of Order
 Efflex, Muscle D
 Jammer presents UK Rap Vol.1
This explosive grime anthem brings together Muscle D's fierce lyrics and Efflex's electrifying beats, creating a sonic storm that demands attention from start to finish. 03:31
Walking Dead
 Efflex, Guyver
 Jammer presents UK Rap Vol.1
Embracing the grit and attitude of grime, this energetic track immerses listeners in a world of Guyver's relentless rhymes and Efflex's heart-pounding rhythms. 03:19
Ready And Live
 Lotus, Kruz Leone
 Jammer presents UK Rap Vol.1
Lotus' hard hitting beats and Kruz Leone's ferocious vocals create a sonic onslaught. The vocalist's blistering lyrical delivery is a perfect match for the snappy instrumental = high octane grime. 03:17
I Love London
 Lotus, JpStackMilliz¬†
 Jammer presents UK Rap Vol.1
Razor sharp bars in a love letter to London by rising star JpStackMilliz, featuring a killer chorus for the city. Lotus provides the perfect pulsing instrumental for this new grime anthem. 03:27
Snakes And Ladders
 Jammer presents UK Rap Vol.1
Riga's afro beat rhythms radiate summer vibes beneath ALICIA's smooth vocal, telling a cautionary tale of snakes in the grass. 02:29
Keep It Calm
 Efflex, Rawza
 Jammer presents UK Rap Vol.1
Fierce and relentless, this track blends Efflex's exciting, heavy beats and Rawza's rapid-fire rhymes, to create an upbeat grime tune that demands the listeners' attention. 03:03
 Lotus, Jammer
 Jammer presents UK Rap Vol.1
Witness the iconic presence of grime legend Jammer over a shimmering Lotus instrumental. His commanding vocals cut through, delivering a masterclass in raw energy and lyrical prowess. 03:13
You Got My Loving
 Liquid presents Back To Rave 2
Better Know
 Liquid presents Back To Rave 2
Lose yourself in Liquid's infectious grooves, where vintage breakbeats and uplifting, seductive vocals converge to create an exhilarating party atmosphere. 02:18
The Void
 Liquid presents Back To Rave 2
An adrenaline rush of swirling synths and high energy rhythms, rekindling the spirit of 90s rave culture. 02:13
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