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Smooth And Merry Gentlemen8 Versions
 Mia Luna
 It's Giving Christmas
Silky female vocals over a smooth R&B groove, channelling this traditional holiday carol in a moody, intimate new light. 02:19
Holly On The Decks3 Versions
 Hank Saunders
 It's Giving Christmas
This bouncing, percussive hip hop track with a Latin feel is infused with subtle festive elements, including a snippet from Christmas carol 'Deck The Halls'. 01:57
Calm, Let Us Adore Him5 Versions
 Stanley G feat. Louise Spencer
 It's Giving Christmas
Mellow instrumental cover of this traditional Christmas carol with delicate harp melody, hard drill beats and deep bass. 02:16
Silent Night In Seoul8 Versions
 It's Giving Christmas
Audacious autotune vocals, brash synth melodies and gruff rapping, with trap beats and dark K-pop influence, morphing this delicate festive lullaby into something never heard before. 03:08
Pear Tree Party3 Versions
 Hank Saunders
 It's Giving Christmas
A bouncy and rhythmical Hip Hop instrumental, decorated with playful Christmas melodies and sleigh bells. 02:35
Ye Faithful Family8 Versions
 It's Giving Christmas
Summoning the believers of bass, this popular Christmas carol beckons with devastating beats and murky sonics, juggling the melody chaotically among festive bells and orchestral instruments. 03:04
Silent Nineties8 Versions
 Mia Luna feat. Mark De-Lisser's Singers
 It's Giving Christmas
Sensual throwback R&B beat with magical female topline and heartwarming gospel backing vocals, elevating this popular holiday carol to pure nocturnal bliss. 02:17
Wrap Wrap Wrap6 Versions
 Hank Saunders, Isla Wolfe
 It's Giving Christmas
Trending Trap banger, re-packaged as a Christmas present with festive vocals and sleigh bells set against gliding 808s and synth melodies. 02:35
Merrily On A High8 Versions
 NOISE NETWORK feat. Ralph Allwood and The Twelve
 It's Giving Christmas
Bursting with energy, this festive classic as you've never heard it before, smashing classical choir with bold drill beats and bright brass stabs. 01:28
We Three Kings Of Hip Hop8 Versions
 NOISE NETWORK feat. Louise Spencer
 It's Giving Christmas
This Christmas present is packed with festive samples and harp melody blended through tight hip hop beats, hand claps and the soulful sound of gospel choir from 1:36. 02:21
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